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VolunteerMatters Monthly EVP User Calls


In the past, VolunteerMatters hosted a monthly web conference for our system users to promote extraordinary volunteerism.  In the summer of 2019, we moved to a different model to provide these services through a 12-week coaching courses, periodic webinars, and product release announcements. 


Past Calls


2019 July 2nd:

  • Presentation Topic: Ending scheduled EVP user calls and transitioning to occasional Webinars/Live Chat and discussing latest system release
  • Presentation Video

2019 April 2nd:

2019 March 5th:

2019 February 5th:

2018 December 4th:

2018 November 6th:

2018 October 2nd:

2018 September 4th:

2018 August 7th:

2018 July and June:

  • Oops! We forgot to record these calls. We'll do better from now on.

2018 May 1st:

2018 April 3rd:

2018 March 6th:

2018 February 6th:

2018 January 2nd:

2017 December 5th:

2017 November 7th:

2017 October 3rd:

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