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How VolunteerMatters Supports Your Rollout


Steps for a successful rollout - How VolunteerMatters helps - Consulting/Coaching packages


How VolunteerMatters Supports Your Rollout

Included For Every Customer

First, let’s talk about the support and services that come with every VolunteerMatters engagement.

  1. Every deployment requires a $99 setup fee per branch to cover:
    • Deployment of your volunteer management system
    • Configuration of your branches
    • Setup of administrators and organizers
    • Customization of the language for any of the following default agreements to be electronically signed by volunteers:
      1. Liability Waiver
      2. Child Abuse Prevention Policy
      3. Code of Conduct for Online/Social Media
      4. Volunteer Relationship and Code of Conduct
      5. Background Check Consent and Disclosure
    • Import of an initial list of volunteer contacts

  2. Our support portal (http://vmsupport.volunteermatters.com) provides access to:

  3. VolunteerMatters also offers free webinars providing insight into creating an extraordinary culture of volunteerism. Each periodic webinar centers on volunteerism focus area (promoting volunteerism, eliminating barriers to engagement, empowering volunteers, giving thanks, getting feedback, and measuring impact).

  4. Like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/volunteermatters) or follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/volnteermatters/) to keep up-to-date on all product news and announcements including details on new product releases.



We also offer consulting and coaching packages for your VolunteerMatters deployment. Click here for more information.



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