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now-tags.pngMeasure Impact: Project Tagging and Keyword Search (12/15/2017)
This release will change the way in which we categorize projects.  Currently, we have predefined classification (areas of focus, intended beneficiaries, impact areas, and special initiatives).  This latest release will allow complete flexibility over the types of classification, the value choices, which appear for admins only and which appear to volunteers.  All customized tags will be immediately available in all reports and there will be a smooth transition on all existing project classifications to the new tagging system.  We will also introduce keyword searching in the project catalog as a part of this release. Click here for a video overview of the new functionality

now-zapier.pngGive Thanks/Get Feedback: Zapier Integration (12/15/2017)
VolunteerMatters is extremely excited to soon offer integration options through Zapier.  Zapier is an community that allows VolunteerMatters to integrate with hundreds of other service providers.  VolunteerMatters can be configured to notify Zapier whenever a new volunteer registers, when a new sign-up occurs, or when a sign-up changes (i.e., the volunteer arrived or completed their assignment).  You may then use any one of the 700+ Zapier community members to “do” something with that information.  For example, here are just a few of the actions you can automatically initiate at the moment a new volunteer registers:

    1. Confirm the assignment with the volunteer via text or phone message
    2. Send a department head an email, chat message, text or phone message
    3. Add a record to your Salesforce database
    4. Prompt the volunteer to fill out a survey
    5. Send the volunteer a physical ‘Thank You’ card
    6. Tweet about it
    7. Send a Facebook friend request
    8. Add them to your Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or Emma mailing list
    9. Prompt them for a donation 

What's Next (30-120 days)


Measure Impact: Reporting Release
next-reporting.pngThis release will focus on providing more flexibility in how we can report on volunteer contacts and activities.  Highlight include:

  • Expanded contact/demographic information in report results
  • Ability to filter volunteer project reports by the types of volunteers (by group, organization, region, status, etc.)
  • Expand volunteer history reports to include details on specific entries for self-reported hours
  • Table-friendly, Excel friendly roster and sign-in reports
  • improvements to the volunteer’s ability to self-report on hours under ‘My Profile’.  It will include the ability to see more detail on self-reported entries.

Eliminate Barriers to Engagement: Background Check Integration
future-cbc.pngGetting a new or returning volunteer on-boarded as quickly as possible while assuring a high degree of safety and security is a major priority for VolunteerMatters and our customers.  Streamlining the criminal background check process for volunteers is no exception.  VolunteerMatters will be offering a new method for performing varying types of background checks that can be performed in-line with a volunteer’s registration or sign-up.  The integration will be completely seamless, will only require 2 steps, and will not require the volunteer to leave the volunteer portal (to go to the background check provider’s site).  We will be starting the new integration method with Intellicorp and move to other providers quickly thereafter.

Promote Volunteerism: Email
future-email.pngThis release will provide more flexibility in how emails are sent and received from VolunteerMatters.  We will be looking to allow the customization of the ‘reply-to’ email setting on a per-project basis for all automatic confirmation and reminder emails for assignments.  We will also look to provide the ability to customize the reply-to for manual communications including email invitations.  This will allow a project organizer to receive replies for their specific projects rather than having all communications coming from an organization-wide email address.   We also plan to include the ability  for volunteers to opt-out of emails sent from VolunteerMatters.  



Recent Releases

November 2017 -

recent-learning.png11/10/2017 Integrated Learning
Capability for integration with 3rd party learning management systems to automate requirements for online course completion for volunteer training.

recent-empower-users.png11/17/2017 Empower Staff
Introduction of a new topic-driven monthly user call as well as new, streamlined training certifications for administrators and organizers.

August 2017 - 
Screen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_3.33.06_PM.png8/1/2017 Risk Management Protection
This massive update introduced concepts for strict vs permissive credentials, new age exemptions, improvements to background check integration, audit trails, and more.

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