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Q3 2019 -

Screen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_3.33.06_PM.png7/2019 General System Updates
This small, but amazing, update to your VolunteerMatters system is scheduled for release for Tuesday, July 2.  It includes a new project date filter to make your project lists more manageable and easy to use, additional functionality for the end user to modify their account email, organizer contact database view only access, contact deletion, and much more!  Click the link above for more detailed information on this general release.  


Q2 2019 -

recent-reporting4/2019 Project Catalog Redesign and Project Image Library
This update includes a completely redesigned Project Catalog display to provide the volunteer with more aesthetically pleasing and easy to use project catalog.  The redesign includes a new default project image as well as a background image! It also included a new calendar display for shifts that allow the volunteer to easily search for upcoming shifts by month, date. and/or day of the week.  With the new look and feel there was an image library added to make uploading project images easier than ever! 


Q1 2019 -

recent-empower-users.png3/2019 Risk Management Enhancements+ Part 2
This includes a completely revamped file upload process to provide the volunteer with reminders and the ability to upload needed files past the initial signing of the credential, in-session project list branch/region/site sticky filter, the ability for an administrator to set a non-integrated credential from expired to any status desired, "Projects With Invalid Credentials (Next 30 Days)" added to the Credential Dashboard with direct links to the project specific Credential Conflict pages, sending emails from Credential Conflict lists, incorporating credential conflicts into "Current Assignees" view and highlighting those needing attention, and much more!

Screen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_3.33.06_PM.png2/2019 Risk Management Enhancements+ Part 1
This massive update includes a number of enhancements in the Risk Management areas within VolunteerMatters to take your management of your volunteer program to the next level.  This includes less stringent signature matching on credentials to prevent volunteer frustration during credential signatures, full credential agree-to-statement displays to encourage volunteer reading and allow ease of printing via browsers, parent/guardian signature filtering and signature fields on the volunteer credential list, minor credentials consent expiration dates, the ability to set expiration dates on all Exempt credential opportunities, and much more! 

Also included: Run-time customization of the subject line for the Project Invitation, Portal Invitation, and Assignment Note email utilities.  This allows your administrators and organizers greater freedom to customize the subject to the opportunities when contacting volunteers. 

recent-reporting2/2019 - Verified Volunteers Seamless Background Check Integration
The integration many have been waiting for! This allows those organizations with Verified Volunteers background check integration to move to a seamless version of the background check process where the volunteer never has to leave your VolunteerMatters system. This seamless integration cuts down on, or eliminates entirely, volunteer drop-off during the background check process.

Screen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_3.33.06_PM.png1/2019 - Checkster References Integration
This amazing release adds automated integration for Volunteer Reference checking with 3rd Party provider Checkster. This integration adds an additional “Reference” credential type, which allows the organization to collect references information via credential which then automatically kicks off the reference process via email. An amazing time saver for administrators and volunteers! For information on Checkster integration please contact sales@volunteermatters.com.


Q4 2018 -

recent-learning.png10/2018 - Contact/Volunteer History APIs
This release expanded capabilities of APIs for tighter integrations with 3rd Party systems like membership, donor HR, and CRM systems. For information on the various APIs available please contact sales@volunteermatters.com.


Q3 2018 -

recent-empower-users.png9/15/2018 - Total Screening Solutions/ACCIO Background Check Integration
Capability for Background Check integration with 3rd Party provider Total Screening Solutions, powered by ACCIO. For more information on this integration please contact sales@volunteermatters.com.

recent-reporting9/15/2018 - Credential Admin Management
Includes updates to credential management which allow an administrator to set an Expired or Canceled credential directly to an Exempt status. Previously an Expired or Canceled credential required volunteer interaction for an administrator to then modify the status. This greatly assists the administrator with those credentials that do not require a volunteer signature. The release also includes the ability for an administrator to change a Denied credential to Expired to allow a volunteer to re-apply.

Also included: Adding the Contact ID to the Volunteer Credential list export. This provides the list with the unique identifier to use with other system exports.


Q2 2018 -

Screen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_3.33.06_PM.png5/16/2018 -Registration Process Improvement
This release modified the registration process to further streamline the registration and onboarding process to improve the volunteer experience. The most noteworthy aspect being the automatic signup of the volunteer to the desired project need after completing the necessary credentials. This takes the onus off the volunteer to perform an additional step after registration and credentials.

Also included: “Disclosure Statement” added to integrated and non-integrated background check credentials. This text block requires a separate signature in addition to the “Agree-to Statement”.


Q1 2018 -

recent-reporting3/26/2018 Reporting
This release represents a significant investment in improving reporting and filtering options and its related volunteer user experience. The release offers a number of new features and reports.


Q4 2017 -

recent-reporting12/20/2017 Project Tagging
We have re-vamped the way in which we classify projects.  We now allow a totally customizable approach to classifying your projects.  With this release a
dministrators can i) create any number of tags, ii) define how they should be grouped/presented to all system users, iii) easily add and update tags associated with a specific project, and iv) instantly filter reports by tags.

recent-learning.png11/10/2017 Integrated Learning
Capability for integration with 3rd party learning management systems to automate requirements for online course completion for volunteer training.

recent-empower-users.png11/17/2017 Empower Staff
Introduction of a new topic-driven monthly user call as well as new, streamlined training certifications for administrators and organizers.


Q3 2017 
Screen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_3.33.06_PM.png8/1/2017 Risk Management Protection
This massive update introduced concepts for strict vs permissive credentials, new age exemptions, improvements to background check integration, audit trails, and more.

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