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Q1 2018 -

recent-reporting3/26/2018 Reporting
This release represents a significant investment in improving reporting and filtering options and its related volunteer user experience. The release offers a number of new features and reports.

Q4 2017 -

recent-reporting12/20/2017 Project Tagging
We have re-vamped the way in which we classify projects.  We now allow a totally customizable approach to classifying your projects.  With this release a
dministrators can i) create any number of tags, ii) define how they should be grouped/presented to all system users, iii) easily add and update tags associated with a specific project, and iv) instantly filter reports by tags.

recent-learning.png11/10/2017 Integrated Learning
Capability for integration with 3rd party learning management systems to automate requirements for online course completion for volunteer training.

recent-empower-users.png11/17/2017 Empower Staff
Introduction of a new topic-driven monthly user call as well as new, streamlined training certifications for administrators and organizers.

Q3 2017 
Screen_Shot_2017-12-01_at_3.33.06_PM.png8/1/2017 Risk Management Protection
This massive update introduced concepts for strict vs permissive credentials, new age exemptions, improvements to background check integration, audit trails, and more.

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