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VolunteerMatters Release - 11/10/2017


Integrated Learning (Release Date: 11/10/17)
032316_600x400_Machine-Learning-2.pngProper training is a critical element to on-boarding volunteers and providing them with the tools necessary to be successful.  Training impacts your volunteer program in two critical ways.  First, there are cases where training must be required of our volunteers in order to assure a safe environment for those we serve, the organization, and the volunteers themselves.  Second, training can be a service to enrich the volunteer’s experience by providing new skills and perspective on your organization, it’s mission and operations.

VolunteerMatters allows you to define any number of credentials that may be required of all volunteers or are required for specific volunteer jobs/roles.  We currently offer several types including agreements, which volunteers can electronically sign, certifications (driver’s license, CPR certification, medical license, manual trainings run outside VolunteerMatters, etc.), manual background checks (tracking checks run outside of VolunteerMatters), and integrated background checks (Checks via 3rd parties that are initiated and updated automatically through VolunteerMatters).  We are happy to announce with this release we are offering a new type of credential for ‘integrated learning’.  An integrating learning credential allows VolunteerMatters to integrate with a 3rd party learning management system to initiate and track the completion of online training courses.

We are prepared and happy to integrate with your preferred learning management system today.  Please contact sales@volunteermaters.com for further details.

    • Require a learning credential (online course) for a specific volunteer job or for all volunteers.
    • When a volunteer attempts to sign up for a job that requires a learning credential they do not have, the system enrolls them in the course behind the scenes and provides the volunteer with on-screen instructions and the link to the course in the learning management system.
    • VolunteerMatters drives the volunteer directly to the course in the 3rd party learning management system using single sign on to eliminate the need for the user to login to a second service.
    • VolunteerMatters receives automated notice when a course has been completed and updates the volunteer’s learning credential accordingly.
    • The volunteer receives reminders with instructions and links to the required courses they have yet to complete/pass: a) every time they login to the volunteer portal b) in assignment confirmation emails and c) in assignment reminder emails.
    • Organizers and administrators receive daily or weekly notifications on all assignments where a credential conflict exists (i.e., a volunteer has not completed their required course.)

We are prepared and happy to integrate with your preferred learning management system today.  Please contact sales@volunteermaters.com for further details. 

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