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VolunteerMatters Release 11/17/2017 - "Empower Staff"


Empower Staff
VolunteerMatters recently spoke with a significant number of our customers to perform a volunteerism assessment.  We were happy to confirm that almost every customer had made significant strides toward the extraordinary.  However, there was one element that almost every customer reported as an opportunity to accelerate their success - and that was providing more training for their staff.  As a result we are developing the following resources and procedures to support our users.

  • Monthly User Calls (Start Date: 11/7/17)
    VolunteerMatters hosts a web conference on the first Tuesday of every month to maximize every customer’s investment in volunteerism. While the call is primarily designed for VolunteerMatters customers/users, non-customers can also benefit as topics will include techniques to leverage volunteerism for the benefit of membership attraction/retention, fundraising, corporate relationships, program delivery, and expanding our mission. The format is topic-driven but also allows the freedom for users to share their hurdles and successes.  

    You may Register for to participate from the following link:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

  • Online Volunteerism User Certifications (Release Date: 11/17/17)
    VolunteerMatters (VM) has developed a course curriculum to train and certify every user of VolunteerMatters’ online tools.  The certifications are broken into three paths for Administrators, Organizers, and Risk Managers.

    The VM Administrator Certification is designed for any individual who oversees volunteerism across programs, special events, or projects  (i.e., for an association, branch, division, department, location)

    The VM Organizer Certification is designed for individuals who manage a specific project, program area, special event or initiative.  These are those directly interacting with volunteers to build relationships.

    The VM Risk Manager certification is designed for any individual responsible for the implementation and enforcement of risk management policies surrounding volunteers.

    Certification Courses Can be found here: https://training.volunteermatters.com
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