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YMCA Volunteer Experience


YMCA Volunteers may gain access to your Volunteer Management System either as a public/guest user (does not need a login) or as a registered user (needs a login).




A public user can register as a new user either by visiting the registration form directly (https://customercode.volunteermatters.org/register) or by browsing your volunteer project catalog and attempting to sign-up for a need (https://customercode.volunteermatters.org/project-catalog).

Registration form Volunteer Project Catalog


Registered User        

A registered user may log into the portal to keep up to date on all volunteer announcements, manage assignments, provide feedback, update their profile information, and browse and sign-up for new volunteer needs. A user may visit https://customercode.volunteermatters.net and they will be presented with a login screen.

First-time visitors to the portal should enter the username and password they defined as part of their registration process. If the registered user has forgotten their username and/or password there are utilities to help recover and reset them. If a visitor who had never registered found this login screen, there is a link here to “Register Now” which will bring them to the registration form.


Volunteer Dashboard

The “home” page for the volunteer portal is called the “Volunteer Dashboard”. Users may return to the dashboard at any time by clicking the logo at the top-left of the screen.   The dashboard provides access to:

1) Site Navigation (My Profile, Project Catalog, Login/Out)
2) Volunteer Assignment Feedback (automatically displayed for completed assignments, removed when submitted)
3) Announcements (managed by administrators)
4) My assignments (list of current assignments, can submit position hours, if applicable)
5) Volunteer opportunity search (project catalog)
6) My profile (view/edit contact and biographical information and manage system username and password)


Project Catalog

The project catalog contains all active and published volunteer projects that have current/future needs. Needs may include volunteers to work shifts, contribute items, perform tasks, or take on a longer-term position.

1) The catalog allows a volunteer to narrow their search to include projects affiliated with one or more branches (within the association), date range, and/or impact areas (e.g., children & youth, disaster relief, homelessness, etc.)

2) Projects are listed with their a) project name, b) image, c) summary description, d) impact areas, e) Project Page button/link (view more project details) and f) all of the project’s needs grouped by need type.

Need Types:

Shifts - Needs where a volunteer is expected to work a specific role (job) during a predetermined time slot (specific date and time).  

Items - Needs where you are asking volunteers to donate or lend item(s) to your cause (food, tools, clothing, etc.).   Items have a due date as to when they are expected to be delivered.

Tasks - Needs where a volunteer is asked to "do" something but the work can be done according to the volunteer's schedule.  You are only asked to complete the task by a specified date.

Positions - A position is a long-term commitment to take on a more staff-like role for the project or organization.  An example might include a volunteer manager, project chair, or committee member.

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