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Granting Administrative Access within VolunteerMatters


The available administrative roles within VolunteerMatters are Administrator, Configuration, Organizer, and Owner.

An administrator can do most anything in the system: Contacts, Projects, Credentials, etc. However, they can not manage the "Configuration" area within VolunteerMatters.  Only those records with the specific Configuration role can modify the "Configuration" area. An organizer only has access to the Projects area and a limited contact database view, and they only have access to those projects they have been specifically assigned to by an administrator. They can not create projects on their own.  An Owner is a specialty role that can currently view the "Account" page, where they may view their account status and plan information.  Future releases will allow for the owner to monitor licensing, manage payments, and upgrade the service as their needs grow. The ‘Owner’ role is initially set by our support team so if you’d like someone new to have the authority to manage your account with us, please let our support team know.

The ability to grant or remove administrative rights is available to those with administrative rights in the system but you can only grant and remove those that you have as well*.  For example, if I have Administrator rights, I can not grant myself or others Configuration rights.  Nor can I remove them either.   
*Except Organizers, who can not grant/remove any rights. 


Provide Administrative Rights

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system with the proper security access role(s) and then click on Contacts.


  2. Navigate to the contact you wish to provide additional administrative access for and click on their name or the 'Detail View' icon (Contact_Detail_View_Button.png). Either will take you to their contact record.


    For locating the desired contact you can utilize existing List Views, Advanced Search, or Quick Find.  For more information on filter options click here

  3. On the contact record, scroll down and on the right there will be a metabox labeled "Site Access". This will detail the contact's Site User Record's (system access) status* as well as the Roles already assigned.  Everyone has "Volunteer" by default.  Click on the "Manage Site Access" button. 


    *If the box says "No Access" for the Site User Record, this means this is a contact record that was created manually by an administrator or via import at some time. Without a site user record they can not log into the system, reset a password, or be provided with administrative access.  They will need to go to the registration URL (https://customercode.volunteermatters.org/register) and then enter their email. VolunteerMatters will recognize their email as one from a system contact and ask them to verify their identity by email and start the registration process. 

    : The placement of this metabox depends on the width of your browser on your device.  For example on a desktop it is on the bottom of the column on the right and on a mobile phone it may be further down the page under the credentials due to there being only one column. 
  4. This will open the Contact Site User Account page.  Here you can select the additional access level roles needed:


    You just need to place your cursor in the Roles field, the dropdown will occur and then you pick the role to add.  After adding a Role it will be in the field as a selection.  To add addition roles just repeat the process. 


  5. Once you have the roles desired, click the "Update Account" button (Update_Account_Button.png).


  6. When successful, you will see the "Site User record saved" message.  To return the contact record click the "Cancel" button (Cancel_Button.png).



*With the Organizer role, you will still need to assign the Organizer to specific projects for them to have access to that project. 


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