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VolunteerMatters Release : 7/28/16


We are happy to announce a new update to VolunteerMatters!

These updates while extremely helpful will not substantial change the system's interface so there's no "training" required. We just want to make sure you know these features are now available to you. There is nothing you need to do to receive these improvements and they are all included.

On Wednesday (7/28) there will be a number of system improvements including the following highlights:

  • Management of self-reported hours by administrators on behalf of contacts
  • Impact display: Individual Project


Management of self-reported hours by administrators on behalf of contacts

Th admin is able to manage self reported hours from the admin assignment management screen (see image below). On position need assignments an edit pencil is available to manage the Self-Reported Hours column for an individual assignment, which opens up the self reported hours dialog.  Here an admin can review & remove (approve/decline) submitted hours, as well as add additional self-reported hours on behalf of the volunteer. 


Impact display: Individual Project

The system automatically calculates impact metrics for each volunteer project (number of volunteers, shifts, hours, etc.). System administrators may also update projects with impact metrics that are calculated outside the system (e.g., number of people helped, funds raised, meals served, etc.) Currently the system aggregates impact metrics across all projects and locations to measure the overall value your volunteer program offers your target beneficiaries.  Now you will be able to display the impact metrics for a single project.



Aside from providing the ability to review and "approve" self-reported volunteer hours, add additional hours for the volunteer, and viewing impact metric displays on a per-project basis, which are awesome new functionalities, there is no major impact on your daily use of other VolunteerMatters functions.

Additional Resources:

For more information on how submitting hours as an administrator or a volunteer visit the following solutions:



For more information on reporting in VolunteerMatters please review the following video:


Bug Fixes:

This update will also include fixes to some known issues.  These include:

  • Hyperlinks and link formatting within credentials
  • Sorting and exporting assignments while editing
  • Error updating expired certification credentials
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