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VolunteerMatters Release : 8/30/16


We are happy to announce a new update to VolunteerMatters!

These updates, while extremely helpful, will not substantial change the system's interface so there's no "training" required. We just want to make sure you know these features are now available to you. There is nothing you need to do to receive these improvements and they are all included.

On Tuesday (8/30) there will be a number of system improvements including the following highlights:

  • Contacts General Note tool 
  • Contacts Portal Invitation Tool




Contacts General Note tool

With this tool, an administrator can create and send notes via email to their volunteers directly from the Contacts list.   Please click here for more information on this utility. 



Contacts Portal Invitation Tool

With this tool, an administrator can create and send a portal registration invitation via email to their volunteers directly from the Contacts list. This tool would be used for those contacts you have had imported in the system by VolunteerMatters Support or those you have manually created.  Please click here for more information on this utility.





Aside from the fantastic ability to now send volunteers a general note and the ability to invite people to your portal to complete their registrations after you had them imported or created them manually, there is no major impact on your daily use of other VolunteerMatters functions.


Additional Resources:

For more information on emailing solutions for your VolunteerMatters system, please visit the following solutions:




Bug Fixes:

This update will also include fixes to some known issues.  These include:

  • Updates to project invitation utility labels and help text for ease of use.
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