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VolunteerMatters Release : 9/5/16


We are happy to announce a new update to VolunteerMatters!

These updates, while extremely helpful, will not substantial change the system's interface so there's no "training" required. We just want to make sure you know these features are now available to you. There is nothing you need to do to receive these improvements and they are all included.

On Monday (9/5) there will be a number of system improvements including the following highlights:

  • Streamlined Volunteer Registration
  • Login Screen Update
  • Credential Login Update
  • Quick Find Update
  • Contact Detail/My Profile Updates
  • Project Catalog Public Need Detail




Streamlined Volunteer Registration

With this latest software release, we have streamlined the volunteer registration process.  This includes:

  • Shortened application steps/pages

    • The first page/section (email, username, password) is combined on the first page of the registration form along with the current "second page".   

    • With this setup we are reorganizing the default application into two pages: Required fields on page one and optional fields on page two. The top of the page will also feature a submit button. This will allow the volunteer to "quick register" if desired.

    • We will be updating existing systems over the course of the next 7-10 business days with the new layouts.  If you have any custom elements with your registration page we will contact you directly prior to updating the form.

  • Allow registrant to easily skip optional fields

    If there is a page that only has optional fields on it, then there will be a button up top that allows them to skip the page.
  • Bring the volunteer back to opportunity sign-up more directly, sooner

    If a volunteer goes to the registration form as a result of trying to sign up for a project need, they will not be prompted for credentials during registration but instead will be sent directly to the need sign-up and the credentials will be left for the sign-up process.  This will allow the volunteer to handle both the credentials specific to the project need and the global required credentials at the same time.  This way they will not have to go through two rounds of possible credentials.
  • Improved messaging through the process

    There's additional prompts and messages to try and make the process more clear in the case where they are in the middle of sign-up.

  • Additional default help text on the "Login Information" section of the first page

    This will further reinforce to the volunteer that they are creating their account here and not logging in with an existing account.

  • If registering because they were attempting to volunteer, they will skip the registration credential process.  They will be left for the sign-up process.  This will allow the addition of credentials specific to the project need in addition to the global required credentials.   This way they will not have to go through two rounds of possible credentials.
  • Now "always required" credentials are checked (in addition to opportunity-specific credentials) when signing up for a volunteer opportunity.   So in case an administrator or organizer forget to add your global required credentials to a project need, the system will make sure they are checked for each and every project need at signup.

Login Screen Update

Clearer, more defined "Register Now" button on the login screen.  Also, the text has been changed from "Need to sign up?" to "Need an account?".   This will make it more clear to the volunteer that the registration process is separate from the actual need signup.

Quick Find Update

This update now allows searching by email address in the quick find box on the contact area and chooser.

Contact Detail/My Profile Updates

This update added an additional "edit" button to the top of the detail information instead of having the admin or volunteer scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen. 

Project Catalog Public Need Detail

This update will allow guest users to see volunteer opportunity details before signing in/registering.  


Aside from a new and improved volunteer experience from viewing need details to registering through signup, there is no major impact on your daily use of other VolunteerMatters functions.


Additional Resources:

For more information on using your VolunteerMatters system, please visit the following solution:



Bug Fixes:

This update will also include fixes to some known issues.  These include:

  • Updates to credentials to clean up some formatting issues.
  • Incomplete credentials presented upon login to volunteer.
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