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Credential Statuses


A credential is something a volunteer must attain in order to perform certain actions within the volunteer portal or kiosk. Some credentials are required of all volunteers (signing a waiver, agreeing to a code of conduct, attending a training) and other credentials must only be attained to sign up for a specific project need. For example, you may require a background check for volunteer work that requires interaction with children.  There are three different types of credentials – agreements, certifications, and background checks. Credentials can also be automatically approved upon application (e.g., electronically signing an agreement) or have an approval process (an administrator must review documentation before granting approval.

The statuses available to credentials are:

  • Incomplete
  • Submitted
  • Review
  • Approved
  • Expired
  • Denied
  • Exempt
  • Canceled

Status Definitions:

  • Incomplete - Means that the volunteer may have started the credential application but did not finish it.  Also could mean that they submitted something that they thought was complete, but after review an admin set it to incomplete because they need more/better information.  Volunteers will be prompted to complete active "incomplete" credentials whenever they log in to the portal.  

  • Submitted - usually means submitted by the volunteer but some action must be taken by the volunteer organization or whatever 3rd-party service is linked to the credential.  If the volunteer signs up for a new assignment that requires this credential, they will not be prompted to apply again but will be alerted that is must be completed prior to the start of the assignment. It sees the credential application as in-progress and therefore allows the sign-up (unless the credential is strict).  This status is only recommended when something has been submitted by the volunteer but we are waiting for something from a third party (not something we need from the volunteer or the organization)
  • Review - means the application was submitted and received but it is awaiting review by the organization.  Typically this review process is in place because the organization admin must review what was submitted and must assess whether it should be approved, denied, or marked as incomplete. If the volunteer signs up for a new assignment that requires this credential, they will not be prompted to apply again but will be alerted that is must be completed prior to the start of the assignment. It sees the credential application as in-progress and therefore allows the sign-up (unless the credential is strict).  

  • Approved - means the application was submitted and either automatically approved or set administratively by an administrator.  They are considered done with the credential until such time it expires (if configured to do so) or an administrator manually changes to another status.
  • Expired - Can be set automatically by rule (e.g., background check expires 24 months after issue date) or by an administrator.  The system sees this similarly to if the volunteer never had it at all ("Missing").  So, the volunteer would be prompted to re-apply whenever they sign-up for an assignment that requires the credential or upon login if it is a required credential. 
  • Denied- Set by an admin after reviewing an application.  A volunteer can never sign up for an assignment that requires the credential as long as the volunteer has been denied that credential in the past.  The only way around this is if an administrator manually assigns the person to the need or if the person had already signed up and then an administrator marked them "Denied".  At that point an admin/organizer would have to catch it in the Credential Conflicts and remove the assignment. 
  • Exempt - The credential is automatically exempted for the volunteer when they fall above or below the "Age Exemption Limit" and "Age Exemption Direction" settings on the credential. This is similar to being approved in that the volunteer can proceed with the project assignment. However, for those that are set to exempt volunteers under a certain age, once the volunteer’s age exceeds the age of exemption, the system will automatically expire the volunteer’s credential and they will no longer be exempt, requiring them to re-apply. 

  • Canceled - The credential that means it has previously been added to the volunteer's record and it is no longer considered "active".  It is not approved, it is not denied, it is just canceled.  This can be configured by an administrator or outside service.  If a volunteer has a canceled credential they may reapply when a project need they are attempting to sign up for requires the canceled credential.
Default (Starting) statuses:

Credentials can be "born" with only three status types as designated by the configuration.  
  • Approved (i.e., electronically signed agreements)
  • Submitted (typically when integrated with a 3rd party - means the system passed it along to them and it is waiting to hear back)
  • Review (means someone from the organization must review the application prior to giving it a new status).

In-Progress statuses:
  • Review (waiting on the organization's review to decide approval)
  • Incomplete (waiting update from the volunteer - organization reviewed and decided the application was incomplete or incorrect and kicked it back to the volunteer)

End Statuses:
  • Approved (Volunteer can proceed with any activity.  May automatically change from this status if there is an expiration policy.)
  • Denied (After review by an administrator they declined the award of this credential)
  • Expired (The credential was either automatically expired by rule or by manually by an administrator)
  • Exempt (The credential is automatically exempted for the volunteer when they fall below the "Age Exemption Limit" setting on the credential.  This is similar to being approved and the volunteer can proceed with the project assignment without issue)
  • Canceled (An administrator outside service marked the credential canceled manually).

Volunteer Self-Update:
A volunteer is ALWAYS prompted at login to complete any credential that is in the "Incomplete" status. Also, when a credential is marked globally "Required", they will also be prompted to complete any in the "Expired" status during login.

If the volunteer has any expired non-globally "required" credentials they will be prompted to reapply upon login if they are assigned to a need that requires them.
All credentials default to where the volunteer can self update once expired.  However, there are times on Certification type credentials where you may want to the volunteer to update at any time if they have new certifications.  If you would like to set your Certification type credentials to allow volunteers to "Always" update please contact support.
Question: When signing up for a volunteer opportunity that has required credentials, how does the system determine when to prompt the volunteer to apply for those credential they do not yet have?

Answer: Whenever the volunteer does not already have the credential application i) in-progress (submitted, under review, incomplete) or ii) already settled (approved, denied, exempt). Therefore, it will only prompt the volunteer to apply when the credential is missing (they never applied for it) or Expired.

Question: When is a volunteer prompted at login to complete a credential application?

Answer: Whenever they have a credential with an “Incomplete” status - or - when there is a credential marked as “Always Required” in the credential’s global setup configuration (required of all volunteers regardless of assignment) and the volunteer either has that credential “missing” or in an “expired” status.  As well with any need based required credentials in the expired or canceled status. 
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