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Assignment Roster Report - Across All Projects


The Assignment Roster report allows an administrator or organizer to get a quick snapshot of current and upcoming assignments across all projects. 

The report includes:

  • Project Name
  • Site/Branch/Location
  • Need Start Date
  • Need End Date
  • Need Type
  • Need Name
  • Assignee
  • Pledged
  • Missing Credential
  • Current Credentials
  • Basic contact information
  • Age
  • Status

NOTE: This report also allows the ability to add additional contact information to be view-able onscreen as well as via export. These additional contact information fields determined during your setup period display on the Volunteer Credentials, Volunteer History, Assignment Roster, and Project Organizer reports. By default each VolunteerMatters system will come with Mobile Telephone, Organization, Age, and Status fields included. If your organization is interested in adding additional contact fields to these reports please contact support. Adding additional contact information fields is included in certain subscriptions and can also be implemented via hourly professional services.


Running the Report

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system with the proper security access role(s) and then click on Projects. 

  2. Click the "Reports" drop-down button (Project_Reports_Image_Button.jpg) and select "Assignment Roster". 


  3. This opens the "Cross Project Assignment Roster" page.  Displayed onscreen is a tabular list of all current and upcoming assignments across all projects.


    It displays fields listed above along with any additional contact information configured by VolunteerMatters support for your organization.  You can toggle the + sign to expand the information for each assignment.  

  4. The administrator/organizer can then filter the results via:

    • Sites - The different sites/branches/locations in your system.
    • Project Tags - The project tags created.  Includes both Admin and Public tags. Click for more information.
    • Need Types - Include Shifts, Positions, Tasks, and/or Items in the search.
    • Needs Active On or After Date - Defaults to today's date.
    • Needs Active Before Date - Defaults to one month from today's date.


      They can also use the search box to further filter the onscreen results by matching any of the information on each assignment.  Including credential names, assignee name, project, additional contact field, etc.. 

  5. The administrator/organizer can either export this information or click-through the project name to the project dashboard or the contact name to access the contact record in question. Organizers will only be able to click through to projects they have been specifically assigned to.


This report is also available on a per project basis from each project's "Reports" drop-down button (Project_Reports_Image_Button.jpg) and selecting "Assignment Roster".


The per-project version of the report is the same report but without the "Project Name" and 
"Site/Branch/Location" fields and without the "Site/Branch/Location" and "Project Tag" filter options. 




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