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VolunteerMatters Release - March 2019 : Risk Management Enhancements Part 2


We are happy to announce a new update to VolunteerMatters!

VolunteerMatters is excited to announce a new release of VolunteerMatters. This release represents a significant investment in improving Risk Management functionality and its related volunteer administrator and organizer experience.

These updates while extremely helpful will not substantial change the system's interface so there's no "training" required. We just want to make sure you know these features are now available to you. There is nothing you need to do to receive these improvements and they are all included.

The update includes the following highlights:

  • Send Email from Credential Conflicts List
  • File Upload Process Update on Credentials
  • Incorporate credential conflicts into ‘Current Assignees’ view instead of separate panel
  • Credentials Dash Update: Projects With Invalid Credentials (Next 30 Days)
  • Ability for an administrator to set a non-integrated credential to any status from another status.  Expired to "Approved"

The release also includes some non-credential related updates:

  • Project List: Sticky Session Filter




Send Email from Credential Conflicts List

This is big! Now from the Cross Project Credential Conflict list (https://customercode.volunteermatters.org/admin/credentials/assignment-credential-conflicts), and all Per Project Credential Conflict lists, an administrator or organizer can contact the list of volunteers via email to inform the volunteer on what is still needed of them. For example if you have a list of volunteers who still have not submitted their necessary files or completed a training you can filter by the credential, then status, and then click the Email button.


From there you can customize the subject and messaging.  If desired we can provide your system with an email template that will include the credentials and their statuses in the email.  Just contact support to request.   If a volunteer appears more than once in the list they will only be sent a single email with their different credentials included in the email (if requested).


NOTE: Only administrators have access to the Cross Project Credential Conflict list. 

**The Volunteer Credential email utility is limited to 500 volunteers per email.  You may need to filter the list or use the search box to limit the results.**


File Upload Process Update on Credentials

This is a hugh upgrade! The file upload process has been updated to allow the volunteer to upload the file at any time after signing the initial credential via an "I will upload file(s) later" checkbox.


It will also provide them with a reminder notice of any incomplete credentials that still require a file upload.  Click here for more information on the file upload process on credentials.


Incorporate credential conflicts into "Current Assignees" view instead of separate panel

With this latest update the abbreviated Credential Conflicts list that appeared on the "Assignment" details page has been incorporated into the "Current Assignees" box on the top of the screen under the "Missing Credentials" column.  Those assignees with any credential conflicts will also have their row highlighted red.  Now the credential conflicts become part of the assignee list and can be searched on via the "Search Box".  So in theory you could filter by a specific credential and then send an email directly to those users using the email from a need utility. 



Credentials Dash Update: Projects With Invalid Credentials (Next 30 Days)

This update is an add-on to the Credential Dashboard that provides administrators with a high-level view of all projects with a credential conflict.  So they can locate areas where they may need to follow up on or provide additional assistance.   The number of conflicts is clickable and will take the administrator directly to the Per Project Credential Conflict list for that project. 



Ability for an administrator to set a non-integrated credential to any status from another status.  Expired to "Approved"

With this latest release an administrator can now set a Non-Integrated credential from one status to any other. For example if the credential is an Expired credential, the Administrator can edit the credential details and set it to an "Approved" status. Previously a volunteer would have to login and re-initiate the credential process by signing the credential or only set to "Exempt".  Now the Administrator can move it straight to any credential status.



Non-Credential Related Update Details:

Project List: Sticky Session Filter

The update includes system functionality that will "Remember" the Branch/Region/Site filter setting for the Project List (https://customercode.volunteermatters.org/admin/projects) for the entirety that administrator/organizer is logged in.   So if they go elsewhere in the system and come back in to the project list the filter will still be set.  





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