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How Can We Help Your COVID-19 Response?


Is there anything we could do to help in your response to COVID-19?  You are likely adapting your volunteer programs and we can help. Here are some examples of what we are already doing:


Global Message 

We can help put a global message on your volunteer portal to communicate with your volunteers about how COVID-19 has impacted volunteerism.  


Live chat with us now or submit a support ticket.


Email Communications

Have you sent an email to your volunteer database providing updates and information on volunteer programs for your organization?  If you need help with using our bulk email tools, contact support for assistance.

Live chat with us now or submit a support ticket.


Deactivating Project Sign-up

If you would like to set most or all of your projects to a hidden status (so you no longer advertise sign-up opportunities) we can help with those settings as well.  

Live chat with us now or submit a support ticket.


Hear from you

Mostly, we wanted to hear from you and see what challenges you are having with regard to your volunteer programs so we can offer resources to meet your needs.  Tell us about your challenges and we will do our absolutely best to provide recommendations and resources.


Free Training on Volunteerism for Your Staff

If you have employees working from home, with more time to fill, we suggest having them participate in our volunteerism coaching series. This program is normally spread out over 12 weeks but we have provided a single course that is self-paced so you can have your staff get 12 weeks of training in a day or two.


You are already a powerful force for good in our world. Volunteerism provides you with the greatest potential to expand your capacity to serve.Thank you so much for the work you are doing at this critical time. We are proud to be your partner and honored to be of any assistance possible. Be safe.



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