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Integrated Training Courses for Learning Credentials


With Training Integration in your subscription, you can add-on integrated training courses with a Learning credential type in your VolunteerMatters system.  


This solution goes through what is required to setup your course and what needs to be provided to support to create your course in our Learning Management System. For more information submit a support ticket.


Course Elements

Courses are made up of multimedia content and quizzes.


Content can include downloads (Word, PDF, Excel), slides (PPT or Google Slides), page content (provided as Word, Google Doc, or HTML document), and video files (mp4, mkv, wmv, flv, avi, and more). We recommend mp4 video files if at all possible.  Content can be provided either as an attachment to an email (if small enough) or as a link for us to download. 


Quizzes are comprised of multiple choice questions where you define the question, list of possible answers and which of those is the correct answer.  You can set it that there is one correct answer or multiple correct answers. For each quiz you must also define the number of questions that must be correct out of the total number of questions to consider the quiz "passed".

Please use this Excel document to provide the data for the quiz.

  • Review the instructions on the second tab of the template.
  • Fill out the template with your quiz. It's important that you don't rename or move around any fields. The file must have the template in a sheet named "QUESTIONS" in order for our system to recognize it.
  • Make sure that your return the file in the .xlsx format. In your spreadsheet program, you may need to export the file as 'Excel' format in order to make the upload work.
  • Questions will be ordered in the order they are on the spreadsheet.


NOTE: Your organization is entirely responsible for attaining the rights to display, use, re-use, or host any provided content.  For more information submit a support ticket.


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Integrated Trainings


Question: Can I just provide you with a link to another course, hosted elsewhere?

Answer: If you provide the course content directly (send us the videos, slides, downloads, quiz questions) then there is no additional charge.  However, if you would like us to extract those materials on your behalf from a 3rd party learning management system, we would be happy to that with an additional fee.  If you would like a quote for these services live chat with us now from your VolunteerMatters Portal or submit a support ticket.

Question: Do you accept SCORM files?

Answer: Our system is not SCORM compliant. However, depending on the simplicity of your SCORM course, we may be able to import it. You may provide a SCORM file and we can test it out for you. 


Question: Can quizzes have response types other than select one from a list (e.g., write-in fields, numeric fields, choose many)?

Answer: Quizzes can only be multiple choice with one or more correct answers.

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