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Bulk Status Changes Tool


VolunteerMatters allows an administrator to bulk update specific subsets of the contact database to a new status and status date via the Bulk Status Changes tool. 

NOTE: This tool is only available to current subscription levels at Professional and above.  It is not available on legacy or Growing subscriptions.  You can find out your subscription level by logging into your VolunteerMatters system with the Owner administrative role and clicking on the Account link in the left-hand side navigation or you can contact support. If you are interested in migrating to a current subscription please contact sales@volunteermatters.com. 


Changing Statuses in Bulk


  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system and navigate to the Contacts list.

  2. Click on the "Tools" button and select "Bulk Status Changes" from the drop-down items.


  3. This will open the "Change Status" page. 


    Which includes the following elements:

    (1) Contacts
    (2) Status
    (3) Status Date

  4. Click on "Choose Contacts" to open the contact chooser to select contacts already in the system.**


    To learn more about searching and selecting contacts via the chooser and List Views (or Quick and Advanced Searches), please reference the articles "Working with the contact chooser" and "Managing Contacts List Views"

  5. After selecting the proper contact records from the contact chooser, click Choose. 


    You will see that the list of selected contacts now appears in the "Contacts" box.

  6. In the Status dropdown, select the status you would like all of these contacts to move to.  All chosen contacts will be changed to this status.  The statuses listed are those configured for your system.  If you have any questions on the statuses available, feel free to live chat with us now from your VolunteerMatters portal or submit a support ticket via email.


  7. In the Status Date field, select the status as of date that will be associated with this status change. All chosen contacts will have the contact status date changed to this value.  The system will default initially to today's date. 


  8. When you are satisfied with your options. you can click the "Update Status" button (Button_UpdateStatus.png). The system will confirm whether you wish to change the statuses for the selected contacts with the "Are you sure?" modal window. If you are sure, click "Yes, UPDATE ALL" to complete the process.


    After completion you will be returned to the "Change Status" page with a confirmation message that the statuses were updated for the number of contacts selected.


**It’s important to note that if you "check all" or "clear all" while in the chooser, it will only act on the records view-able in the list, not on all of the records that may have resulted from a search. For example, if your "Items" were set to 25, it would act on the 25 records displayed. If "Items" were set to 500, it would act on the 500 records displayed. The "Items" setting is at the top-middle of the chooser.

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