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Understanding how VolunteerMatters responds to different volunteer actions based on their current age.



By default, VolunteerMatters tracks the date of birth for all volunteers.  While it is helpful to retrieve volunteers by age, it also allows us to set specific rules on how to handle minors and other groups of volunteers based on their age. 

Minimum Age

When and administrator or organizer creates a new volunteer need, they may specify a minimum age for assignees. This will prevent any volunteer who is under the specified age from self sign-up. For example, you could restrict any volunteer who is under the age of 25 from signing up for an assignment that requires them to drive a vehicle.  When a volunteer under the age of 25 clicks to see the detail on such an assignment, an alert box will be presented communicating to the volunteer that they are restricted from signing up for this need based on their age.


Credential Exemption

You may define and customize several types of credentials a volunteer must obtain to participate in all activities or to sign-up for specific types of needs. They may include the electronic signature of waivers or policy statements, certifications (i.e. CPR, lifeguard training, drivers license, etc.) or background checks. For each, you may specify an age of exemption. This is the age under which a volunteer would be exempt from this credential requirement. For example, you may create a background check credential and configure it to exempt any volunteer who is under the age of 16. When a volunteer clicks to sign-up for a need that requires a background check, if the volunteer does not already have an exemption or an approved background check, and they are under the age of exemption, the system will automatically award them a credential exemption (which expires once they have surpassed the age of exemption).  This will allow the volunteer to proceed with this sign-up. However, if the same volunteer should return to sign-up for another assignment that requires a background check after they have passed the age of exemption, they would then be prompted to apply for a background check before being allowed to sign-up.


Electronic Signatures

As a part of your volunteer application you may specify certain documents or policy statements that volunteers must electronically sign. In the case where a volunteer is under age (determined by comparing today's date to the date of birth on in their contact profile), the system will prompt for an additional signature line for a parent or guardian.

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