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Manually assigning a credential to a contact


Occasionally an administrator must manually assign a credential to a contact record.  Depending on the credential's default status configuration, the options available to the administrator are different.  

Default statuses for credentials are:

  • Submitted 
  • Review
  • Approved

The available credential statuses when manually adding a credential to a contact's record are as follows:

Approved: Approved, Expired

Submitted: Submitted, Review, Approved, Exempt, Canceled

Review: Review, Incomplete, Submitted, Approved, Exempt, Canceled, Denied


NOTE: An integrated credential does not follow these rules.  An integrated credential can only be initiated via a project need or if it is a global credential.   UNLESS YOU ARE EXEMPTING A CONTACT FROM AN INTEGRATED CREDENTIAL.


To add a credential to a contact's record, log into your system with administrative access and then click on "Contacts" and then click on the detail link for the contact you wish to add a credential to.



Scroll down and you will see the "Credentials" section on the right (depending on the browser width). For any credentials that haven't already been applied for or assigned it will include an "Add" button.   To assign the credential click the "Add" button:


Once you click "Add" you will be taken to the available credential settings.  The credential will not be added to the volunteer's record until you click "Save".  


You can then set the following fields:

  • Status
  • Start Date
  • Expiration Date (optional depending on credential configuration)
  • Admin Notes 
  • Issued By (if applicable)
  • File Upload (if applicable)

Once you have updated the information desired click "Save" to complete your credential settings for the contact. 


If the credential requires the contact to sign you should set the status to "Incomplete" (ONLY FOR THOSE REQUIRING FILE UPLOAD) or "Expired". Incomplete status along with configuring the credential, that a file is waiting for upload, will add the credential "Complete Application" banner to the contact's dashboard when they are in the system.  Click here for more information.  Expired will only require the signature if they also have an assignment with that credential required or if they go to their profile page and select "Re-Apply". 


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