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Create A New Contact Record


Aside from a volunteer creating their contact record via registration, there are two ways you can manually create new contact records in the system. The first is to create them in bulk via an import, which at this time can only be done by VolunteerMatters Support, and the second is manually entering individual contact records.

To manually create a contact record:

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters Administrative System (you must have the administrator access role to manage contact records).

  2. Click on the Contacts section from the left hand side navigation. 


  3. Click on the "New Contact" button.


  4. You will be presented with a screen that allows you to create a new record with the following default fields" name (title, first, middle, last, suffix, nickname,), email addresses, birth date, contact since date, telephone numbers, contact status, status as of date, and an address.  These fields are customizable under the "Configuration" section by an administrator. The required fields are First Name, Last Name, Email, Status, and Status As of Date.


  5. Once you have completed entry of this information, click ‘Save’. The new record will be created and you will be taken to the full record where you can add more contact and biographical data.

Please note when contacts are created outside the registration form, whether imported or manually by an administrator, it is only creating their contact record. The volunteer still needs to go through the registration form to create their login account (site user record). When they go to the registration form it will recognize their email address, verify they are who they say they are by email and provide them a new custom registration form URL with all the information pre-populated with all the information that was previously added to their contact record during it's creation.  So basically they are only creating their username and password on the registration form. Any additional required fields from the registration form that were not included when it was created, will need to be entered as well.

One way you can let people know to register is via the portal invitation tool: 


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