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Custom Project Catalog URLs


VolunteerMatters provides the ability to create custom Project Catalog URLs where administrators or organizers can advertise a specific pre-defined subset of projects.

This is an advanced skill and if you need assistance with this please contact support.

The elements available to be used in defining and creating the URLs are:

  • Branches or Regions
  • Impact Areas
  • Focus Areas
  • Intended Beneficiaries
  • National Initiatives

The creation of the URL is an entirely manual process.  You first take the base custom URL:


Then add to it any project classification elements you want returned in the list. 

Note: Customer Code is the typically the base domain of your website URL.  So if your website is www.myawesomesite.com your customer code would be "myawesomesite".  You can also obtain your customer code from your VolunteerMatters System URL.

For branches/regions and impact areas you will need to list their associated ID/Value number in the URL and with any of the other project classification elements you will use the label itself with %20 for any spaces.


National Initiative, Focus Area, or Intended Beneficiary URLs

For example if wish to advertise your "Togetherhood(R) Project" national initiatives you would add "Togetherhood(R)%20Project" to the end of the URL in the initiatives section:


This will now display a list of all projects that have the "Togetherhood(R) Project" national initiatives classification on the project catalog when the volunteer arrives via that URL. For any other initiatives, focus areas, or beneficiaries you would just repeat the process with the name and replacing any spaces with %20.


Branch/Region or Impact Area URLs

To obtain a branch or region number it will take a little additional work as you need to obtain the associated ID number on the backend of the system via the inspection tools of your web browser.  To do so:

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system and from the initial landing page, the "Volunteer Dashboard" you will need to locate the "Search for Volunteer Opportunities" box.


  2. Place your cursor in either the "Branches" or "Impact Areas" and right click and select "Inspect".


  3. Then you will need to locate the proper ID (impactAreas or branches) in the code and then expand to see the choices and their associated IDs/option values.  For the example below the Children & Youth impact area ID is "5". 

  4. Once you have the number you will place it in the custom URL.   If you wish to use two types of impact areas you simply need to separate them with a comma.   For example if you wanted "Children & Youth" and "Community" you would need 5 and 6.  So the URL would be:



Combining URLs

Once you have the names or the needed IDs you can use them to make any combination desired.  For example if you wanted the list of projects to include:

Branch A (ID=7)
Branch B (ID=8)
National Initiative - Togetherhood(R) Project
Focus Area - Youth Development

Your URL would look like this:


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