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3 Key Drivers and Steps for a Successful Rollout




3 Key Drivers for a Successful Rollout

  1. Commitment to Volunteerism
    The first is a commitment by our organization to create an extraordinary volunteer program - a program that invites more volunteers into the organization to feed off of their enthusiasm for our mission and take full advantage of their unique skills and talents. We must have a firm belief that volunteerism invites new relationships that bring us closer to our personal, professional, and organizational goals. We must understand that volunteerism helps the volunteer fulfill one’s innate need to help make a difference in our communities and in the lives of our neighbors.

  2. Commitment to a Successful Philosophy
    The second driver of success is in the commitment to a successful philosophy surrounding the management of your volunteer program. The VolunteerMatters philosophy centers on 6 main principles:
    1. Promote Volunteerism
    2. Eliminate Barriers to Engagement
    3. Empower the Volunteer
    4. Give Thanks
    5. Get Feedback
    6. Measure Impact

  3. Commitment to Adoption
    The final driver is a commitment to making sure that all stakeholders within your organization are properly educated in a few key areas:
      • The reasons behind our shift in approach to volunteer engagement - how they serve our goals as an organization
      • The existing and new policies we have/are instituting to support our approach
      • How to use the tools that will help support the management of our extraordinary volunteer program.

Without the proper education and buy-in from all stakeholders, our organization will have a difficult time building an extraordinary culture of volunteerism. Consequently, we will not reap the corresponding benefits. This third and final driver for success cannot be understated. It is why VolunteerMatters offers consulting packages to facilitate the rollout.


Steps for a Successful Rollout

  1. Document policies for on-boarding
    1. Application
    2. Always Required Credentials (e.g. liability waiver, child abuse prevention policy)
    3. Job-Specific Credentials (e.g., background checks, CPR certification, drivers license, specialized training, etc.)
    4. Credential approval process (identify those responsible to receive notifications, review and approve/deny applications for credentials)
    5. Credential renewal/expiration policies

  2. Identify programs/projects and their stakeholders
    All tasks listed under this section are typically performed by the customer but VolunteerMatters would be happy to provide these services under an hourly consulting engagement.
      1. Identify and document programs/projects that utilize volunteers
      2. Name organizers who facilitate volunteer coordination for each program/project (scheduling, management, reporting)
      3. Identify roles/needs and their required credentials for each program/project (shift roles, positions, tasks, items)
      4. Select option(s) for attendance/hour tracking per program/project

  3. Import existing data
    VolunteerMatters will perform the actual import based on the setup/consulting options chosen with your order.  For example:
      1. Volunteer contacts
      2. Existing volunteer credentials
      3. Volunteer interaction history
  4. Training
    Training can be delivered via i) live, in-person, interactive sessions, ii) live, instructor-led webinars and/or iii) self-guided online videos.

  5. Publish links on your public website
    1. Browse the online catalog of volunteer opportunities (customercode.volunteermaters.org/project-catalog)
    2. Apply to become a new volunteer (customercode.volunteermatters.org/register)

  6. Invite volunteers to the new portal
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