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Volunteer Experience - Assignment Withdrawal



Once a volunteer has a signed up for a project need assignment, or if they have been manually assigned to a the need by an Organizer or Administrator, they will be able to withdraw from the assignment in the VolunteerMatters system up until the assignment begins.

A volunteer can withdraw themselves on the assignment detail page.   A volunteer can access the assignment detail page in VolunteerMatters in a number of ways:

  • Direct Link from the Assignment Confirmation/Reminder Emails
  • From the My Assignments window on the Volunteer Dashboard (homepage)
  • From the My Assignments window on their My Profile page. 

All will lead to the volunteer to the same assignment detail page where they can withdraw from that assignment. 


In System Withdrawal Steps

  1. Log into VolunteerMatters with the Username/Password you registered with.

  2. From your My Assignments Box on the Volunteer Dashboard or your My Profile page, click the need Icon (briefcase, clock, etc.).  



    My Profile


  3. On the Assignment Detail page, click the "Withdraw from Assignment" button (Button_Withdraw.png).


    The system will confirm whether you wish to change the statuses for the selected contacts with the "Are you sure?" modal window. If you are sure, click "Yes, withdraw" to complete the process.


    After completion you will be returned to the Volunteer Sign-Up page with where you will see the need information and sign-up button once again. 

    Note: If there is no button, the assignment has already begun and you will need to contact an organization administrator to withdraw. 
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