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Managing Volunteer Dashboard Announcements


The announcement area on the volunteer dashboard (homepage) is for anything needed to be relayed to the volunteers. It can be project announcements, site/branch/location announcements, orientation information/video links, anything really needed. Administrator access is required to create/edit/remove announcements.


Announcements are system wide and will appear until the volunteer dismisses it or the announcement reaches it's end date.

You can manage announcements via the "Manage" button (Manage_Button.png) on the volunteer dashboard. There you will see a list of existing system announcements. This will include past announcements until deleted.




You can then edit (1 - Edit_Pencil_Button.png) or delete (2 - Delete_Button.png) existing ones and add new announcements (3 - New_Announcement_Button.png).




When you click "New Announcement" you will be present with the following display/fields:

  1. Announcement Preview
  2. Publish Start Date
  3. Publish End Date
  4. Type (info, success, warning, danger)
  5. Title
  6. Message


The type simply changes the color of the background. All URLs in the message section will be automatically hyperlinked. When you are satisfied with your announcement, click the "Save" button.  The announcement will now be on the homepage for all volunteers to view. 

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