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Volunteer Credential Import Template



As a part of your VolunteerMatters setup we likely created several types of credentials that may be required of your volunteers depending on the type of work they perform.  Examples of credentials are as follows:

Agreements (documents for volunteers to electronically sign)

  • Liability Waiver
  • Child Abuse Prevention Policy
  • Code of Conduct for Online/Social Media
  • Volunteer Relationship and Code of Conduct

Certifications (documented certifications issued by your organization or a 3rd party)

  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Training Certificate (e.g., lifeguarding, childcare, child abuse prevention, etc.)
  • Drivers License

Background Checks

  • Manual
  • Integrated
  • Finger printing

Those organizations that would like us to import history related to credentials acquired outside of VolunteerMatters (e.g., background checks previously performed via a third-party service) can submit their data in the attached format.  Additional fees may be required.  The import will update the contact's record with the credential approval, issue date, and expiration date.  The documentation for the imported credentials (e.g., copies of their background check, CPR certification, or signed liability waiver), must be maintained outside of the system.   

Please see the attached sample Excel document to help organize your data.

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