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Project Delete


An administrator or organizer may delete an existing project from the system as long as there are no assignments or impact metrics on the project. 

How to Delete a Project

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system with the proper security access roles and then click "Projects" (Briefcase Icon) from the main menu.

  2. On the Project you wish to delete, click the "Dashboard" button (Projects_Dashboard_Button.png).


  3. This will open the "Project Dashboard" page.  The Project Dashboard provides a high level view of project analytics and data for administrators and organizers. An organizer must be assigned to a project to be able to manage it. On the "Project Dashboard" click the "Manage" drop-down button (Projects_Manage_Button.png) and select "Project Setup".


  4. This will open the "Project Setup" page.  In the main project detail window on the top right you will see the following elements:

    • Project Name
    • Project Description
    • Branch/Site/Location
    • Publish Mode
    • Publish Dates
    • Edit/Copy/Delete Buttons

      Click on the "Delete" Button (Projects_Delete_Button.png).


  5. If the project has no existing project need assignments, the system will confirm whether you wish to delete the project in question with the "Are you sure?" modal window.  If you are sure, click "Yes, Delete" to delete the project.


    After completion you will be returned to the Projects list page with a confirmation message that the project was deleted.


  6. If the project has existing project need assignments you will be informed, after you click delete, that the system can not delete projects with past or future volunteer assignments.  You will need to remove those assignments prior to deleting the project.  The modal window features a "Project Assignments" button that will take you to the assignments page of the project. 


  7. After you remove the assignments you can then go back to the project setup page and begin the deletion steps again. 

    Note: Once you remove an assignment you will lose that volunteer history for that project/contact. There is no ability to restore assignments.  You would need to manually recreate the assignment to "restore" the contact's volunteer history. 
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