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Project Organizer Email and Text/SMS Notifications


VolunteerMatters allows a project organizer to receive instant and summary notifications. 

NOTE: An organizer must be assigned to a project to be able to manage it to receive notifications on it.  If an administrator wishes to receive these notifications, they must be assigned the "Organizer" site user role in addition to their administrator role, and be configured as an organizer on the project. Click here for more information on that process.

The instant project organizer notifications are for event based occurrences (sign-ups, withdrawals, check-ins), while the summary is available in a daily or weekly version, and includes project information similar to the "Project Dashboard" and links back to the actual dashboard in the system.

Instant notifications are available via email or Text/SMS (for organizers with verified phone numbers)

Summary notifications are only available via email. 

All of the notifications are configured on the project dashboard. 

To configure your settings for these email notifications, log into VolunteerMatters with organizer access and click on "Projects" in the site menu.  Then click on the "Dashboard" button (Projects_Dashboard_Button.png) next to the project you wish to receive notifications for.  

This will take you to the "Project Dashboard".  Then scroll down and on the bottom right there will be a panel labeled "Project Notifications".

Here you can set the following via drop downs: 

  • Project Summary Email
  • Volunteer Sign-Up (sent when a volunteer signs up for a volunteer opportunity)
  • Volunteer Withdrawal (sent when a volunteer withdraws from a volunteer assignment)
  • Volunteer Check-In (for projects where check-in is enabled, sent when a volunteer checks in to an assignment from their phone or a kiosk)

For the summary notifications, you can set to either "Never", "Daily", or "Weekly".



(If the Project Notifications box is not displaying and you are assigned as an organizer, you may have to log out and back in to see )


For the instant notifications, you can set to either "None", "Email", or "Text/SMS".


Instant_Setting_Project_Notifications.gif(If the Project Notifications box is not displaying and you are assigned as an organizer, you may have to log out and back in to see )


The settings will automatically be saved once you make any selection.  There is no need to click a "Save" or "Update" button. To change your settings you just need to make a new selection. 




The Instant Email Notifications contain information specific to the assignment which generated the notification:

  • Volunteer Name
  • Project Name
  • Need Type and Name
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Volunteer Comment (if applicable)


Depending on your subscription level these may be available to customize via support.  If you have any questions about your subscription level, please live chat with us now from your VolunteerMatters portal or submit a support ticket here.

The Text/SMS messages are much more concise but provide a link to page where an organizer can review the information without logging in. 

Text Message Details:



Text Link Sample:






The Summary Notifications contains the following links/information panels:

  • Project Dashboard Link
  • Project Information
  • Project Impact (replaces the previous per project impact report via reports drop-down)
  • Project Staffing (Next 30 Days)
  • Needs With Invalid Credentials
  • Recent Assignments (Past 7 Days)


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