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Integrated Background Check User Experience - Verified Volunteers


Background check credentials are either manual or integrated. Integrated background checks are checks that are performed through our system with the aid of a 3rd party partner such as Verified Volunteers.  

In this solution we will be highlighting the steps a new volunteer takes when viewing and signing up for a volunteer opportunity that requires a background check with a VolunteerMatters system that has integrated with Verified Volunteers.


User "Finds" a Volunteer Opportunity

The volunteer may be driven to the sign-up page when browsing the project catalog, receiving an email invitation, or clicking on a link advertised via social media. If the volunteer is new, they can click ‘Register Now’ to begin the sign-up process.



Volunteer Application - Required Information


Volunteer Application - Optional Information


System Analyzes Required Credentials

The volunteer is automatically logged into the system and is then taken to the project need they started from and they are prompted to complete their credentials. The system determines which credentials are required of all volunteers and those that are required for this specific assignment. This could include a liability waiver, child abuse prevention policy, drivers license, CPR certification, lifeguard training, background check, or any other credential the organization deems necessary. They are customizable per association and can be marked as being requirement per volunteer job/role/position.


Volunteer Submits/Applies for Required Non-Integrated Credentials



 Volunteer Submits/Applies for Required Integrated Background Check Credential


Complete Sign-up

At this juncture the volunteer signs up for their desired project need.  NOTE: If any of the credentials required on the need are "Strict" and require administrator or system intervention they will not be able to sign up for the need at this time.  They will be directed to the next step.  They must come back when credential is approved or exempted and sign up for the need.


Sign-up Success and Hand-off from VolunteerMatters to Verified Volunteers

At this juncture the volunteer is signed up for the need.  They are then directed to continue on to Verified Volunteers for background check processing.  If they do not continue on at this point the credential will be in "incomplete" status and they will continue to see the notification message on their homepage and their profile page until they have completed the process at Verified Volunteers.




My Profile:



Verified Volunteers Verification and Account Creation Pages




Verified Volunteer Application Pages
(most of the information is pre-populated)




Verified Volunteers Application
Consent and Disclosure



Verified Volunteers Application
Self-Pay Option



Verified Volunteers Complete

Verified Volunteers will automatically update VolunteerMatters when the background check is completed. This may be to automatically approve or inform the administrator they must log into Verified Volunteers to mark the check eligible or ineligible.


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