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VolunteerMatters Announcement : Enhanced Group Volunteering!


We are happy to announce a new update to VolunteerMatters!

VolunteerMatters is excited to announce a new release of VolunteerMatters for early June 2024.

This release represents a huge group sign-up upgrade within VolunteerMatters.

For the most part, this update while extremely helpful will not substantially change the system's interface so there's really no "training" required. We just want to make sure you know this features is now available to you. For the immediate future, this will be added on at the organization's request.  If you are interested in adding this enhanced functionality to your system, simply live chat with us now from your VolunteerMatters portal or submit a support ticket via email and we can make sure you are ready to go! 

Moving forward it will be included by default in the Professional and Enterprise subscription levels. 


The update includes the following highlights:

  • Enhanced Group Sign-up
  • Parent/Guardian Sign-Up on Behalf of Minors




Enhanced Group Sign-up

We’re excited to introduce significant enhancements to the group sign-up and onboarding process, designed to make managing volunteer groups easier and more efficient. Here’s what these updates bring to your organization:

Specialized Group Sign-up Links: Now, organizing group volunteer activities is simpler than ever. With specialized sign-up links, groups can register together ahead of time through a seamless, unified process. This feature allows for quick onboarding and ensures all group members are linked from the start, enhancing coordination and communication.

Administrative Management of Group Assignments: Easily create and manage group assignments as needed administratively all from one central location. Group sign-up links are generated to share with group leaders. 

These new features are designed to provide your team with the tools necessary to effectively manage group volunteers, from signup and onboarding through completion of their assignments, hour-tracking, and much more.


Click here for more information on the new group sign-up features. 


Parent/Guardian Sign-Up on Behalf of Minors

Another significant enhancement to the group sign-up and onboarding process. To accommodate the needs of various types of groups with younger volunteers, parents or guardians can now register on behalf of minors for volunteer opportunities and sign agreements via email for the minor. This allows a child to have an assignment without needing to provide an email address or create an account in the portal.

This functionality can be disabled globally if you simply want to utilize the enhanced group sign-up on it's own. 


Click here for more information on the new volunteering on behalf of a minor feature. 

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