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Including Desired Branch/Site/Location in Background Check Credential Export for Billing Purposes


Occasionally there are instances after an integrated background check is run where an organization needs to determine a volunteer's branch/site/location for billing purposes.

An administrator can do this via the Volunteer Credentials export with the "Desired Branch/Site/Location" field included. That field must first be added to the export via a system setting that determines additional fields on certain exports/reports by VolunteerMatters Support. See the note at the bottom of the solution for more information.  Please contact support to have them add the field if it hasn't already been. 


Background Check Volunteer Credentials Export

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system with the proper security access role and then click on "Credentials". 

  2. This will open the "Credential Dashboard" page.  Then click the "Volunteer Credentials" button (Volunteer_Credentials_Image_Button.jpg). 


  3. This opens the "Volunteer Credentials" page.  Displayed onscreen is a tabular list of volunteer credentials.


    The report includes the following credential information (once the desired branch/site/location field is added):

    • Contact
    • Credential Name
    • Status (Credential)
    • Status Timestamp
    • Start Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Email
    • Basic contact information
    • Age
    • Status (Contact)
    • Site/Branch/Location

    An administrator can toggle the + sign to expand the information for each credential. 

  4. The administrator can then filter the results via:

    • Credential Status - The different credential status available in the system.
    • Credential Name - The various active credentials in the system.  Click for more information.
    • Start Date - Drop-down filter options: All, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 6 Months, Last 12 Months
    • Expiration Date - Drop-down filter options: All, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 6 Months, Last 12 Months, Next 7 Days, Next 30 Days, Next 90 Days, Next 6 Months, Next 12 Months
    • Status Change Date - Drop-down filter options: All, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 6 Months, Last 12 Months


      The filter will default to credentials under a "Review" status. They can also use the search box to further filter the onscreen results by matching any of the information on each credential.  Including contact names, additional contact fields, desired branch/site/location, etc.. 

  5. The administrator should remove the default "Review" credential status filter option, and select the Background Check credential from the credential filter option, select any date filters desired and click "Search".


  6. This will update the onscreen results to include only the Background Check credential with any desired date filters in the tabular list.  The administrator will then export this information to a spreadsheet (either Excel or CSV). 


  7. The spreadsheet will include all the onscreen fields including the contact's "Desired Branch/Site/Location" as well as an additional field called "Credential External ID".  Only credentials that go through the integrated process will have a value for this additional field.  You can then sort the results in the spreadsheet by this field and remove any without it.

  8. At this point you will have your list of background check credentials run through the integrated process along with the contact's "Desired Branch/Site/Location"




The desired branch field is a "choose many from a list" type of field, included in the registration form, where the volunteer selects one or more "Desired" branches/sites/locations within the organization. This does NOT limit the volunteer to a single branch/site/location for volunteering nor does it update if the volunteer moves to a different area.  So potentially the desired branch/site/location on the volunteer's record may NOT be where they are currently volunteering.  It may be necessary for a human to further research and make a judgement call on how to charge branches/sites/locations for volunteers that indicate a desire to volunteer for more than one branch/site/location. 


NOTE: The Volunteer Credentials export, along with the Volunteer History, Assignment Roster, and Project Organizer reports allow the ability to add additional contact information to be view-able onscreen as well as via export. Typically these additional contact information fields are determined during your setup period. By default each VolunteerMatters system will come with Mobile Telephone, Organization, Age, and Status fields included. If your organization is interested in adding additional contact fields to these reports please contact support. Adding additional contact information fields is included in certain coaching setup packages and can also be implemented via hourly professional services.  The "Desired Branch/Site/Location" field can be added at no charge. 



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