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Adding A Credential To A Project Need


A credential is something a volunteer must attain or complete in order to perform certain actions within the volunteer portal. Some credentials are global and are required of all volunteers (signing a waiver, agreeing to a code of conduct, attending a training) and other credentials must only be attained or completed to sign up for a specific project need (background check).  

There are four types of needs you can add to a project. Needs can be shifts, tasks, items, or positions. 

For each type of need, an administrator/organizer may specify one or more project need specific credentials that may be required to sign-up for this need. For example, one need may require a special background check, a drivers license, or a medical certification. If the volunteer does not yet have one or more of the credentials, the system will give the volunteer the opportunity to apply for it/them when signing up.

NOTE: You do not need to specify those globally required credentials as they are included by default as all volunteers must have them.


To Add a Credential to a Project Need


  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system with the proper security access roles and then click on Projects. 

  2. On the Project you wish to add a credential for, click the "Needs" button (Projects_Page_Needs_Button.png).


    You can also click the on the "Dashboard" button (dashboard.jpg) which will open the "Project Dashboard" page.  The Project Dashboard provides a high level view of project analytics and data for administrators and organizers. An organizer must be assigned to a project to be able to manage it.  Then on the "Project Dashboard" click the "Manage" drop-down button (Manage.jpg) and select "Project Needs".  Both will take you to the same place. 


  3. This will open the "Project Needs" page.  You will see the various Project Needs: Shifts (or Shift Roles), Tasks, Items, and Positions.  From there locate the need you wish to add a credential to and click the "Edit" button (Projects_Needs_Edit_Button.png).


  4. This will open the "Project Need" configuration page. Here you can configure the need fields which include the Required Credentials drop-down. There the administrator/organizer can specify one or more credentials that may be required to sign-up for this need.


    When you are satisfied with you configuration, click the "Save" button. 

  5. This will return you to the "Project Needs" page.  


NOTE: You can also set credentials on shift roles as well.  Click here for more information on shift role creation.


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