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Credential Dashboard


The system includes a "Credential Dashboard" for administrators to provide a high level view of the credentials in their system.  

To access the dashboard, log into VolunteerMatters with administrator access, click on "Credentials" in the left-hand side menu.  The dashboard is the default page for the "Credentials" site menu item.

The available summary information panels are:

  • Credential Status Counts
  • Credential Status Change Counts (Past 30 Days)
  • Expiring Credentials (Next 30 Days)
  • Assignments With Invalid Credentials (Next 30 Days)
  • Needs With Invalid Credentials (also includes link to the overall "Credential Conflicts" list)

Counts with values greater than zero will feature the ability to click through to the "Volunteer Credentials" page with a filter in place to match the summary information or a need's "Assignment" page depending on the panel you click from.



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