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Volunteer Experience - File Uploads on Credentials


Some credential in VolunteerMatters allow  the Volunteer to upload files to be attached to the credential application.

The credential file upload process allows the volunteer to upload the file at any time after signing the initial credential via an "I will upload file(s) later" checkbox.


Volunteer Experience with Credential

When you are prompted to sign a credential that allows a file upload, you will see whatever the signature type is (full name, initials, checkbox, none) and a file upload utility.



At this juncture you will sign their credential (if needed) and will either need to upload the required file or check the "I will upload file(s) later" checkbox and click "Continue" if you do not currently have the file to upload.


This will add the "Complete Application" notification to your Volunteer Dashboard (main landing page). This will be a reminder each time you are on this page that you need to "Complete" the application.


When you have the file ready, you will click the "Complete Application" button which will reopen the credential application page with your signature already in place, the "I will upload file(s) later" checkbox deselected, and the opportunity to upload the file.  You will simply click the "Choose Files" button, locate the file on your local device, and then click "Continue".



This will complete the process for you and the credential will move into a status for the organization administrator to review.

If you need to update the file after submitting you will need to contact the organization administrator.




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