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Project Images


A project is any event, program or initiative around which you would like to organize volunteers. You must have an 'administrator' role -or- have an 'organizer' role and be assigned to the project in question to update the project image and project background image.

Once logged into the volunteer portal with the appropriate role, you may

1) click ‘Projects’ (Briefcase Icon) from the main menu

2) click 'Dashboard' to the right of the project

3) click 'Manage' drop-down and select 'Project Setup'

4) click 'Edit' on the project setup



Once on the Project Setup page, with the project image uploader, the administrator/organizer only needs the image itself and can upload it right on the project setup page!



NOTE: The new project background image requires a full image URL to be configured.  If one is not explicitly configured, the project page will use the project image as the background.  If a project image is not defined, the project page will use a default background image.  Both the default project and background images can be customized to any image desired in the Professional and above subscription levels.


Watch the following tutorial for further assistance:

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