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Delete An Existing Contact Record


An administrator sometimes may find the need to delete a contact record in the system.  It can be a test account, a duplicate record, etc..  Whatever the reason, the system includes the ability for an administrator to delete a contact record with no assignments.   If the contact has assignments you will not be permitted to delete it until the assignments are removed.  See the Volunteering section of the support portal for manually managing assignments. 

To delete a contact record:

  1. Log into your system with administrative access and then click on "Contacts".
  2. Find the desired Contact record by searching or paging through the list.
  3. View the details of the Contacts record by clicking the "Details" icon (details_icon.jpg) next to the row in the contact list or click on the Contact's name. 
  4. At the very bottom of the detail page is a button to delete the contact record. 



This only deletes the contact record within your VolunteerMatters system.  The site user record created for the volunteer is able to be used across multiple VolunteerMatters system so deleting the record in one system will not effect any other system's records. 

NOTE: Once a contact is deleted it can not be recovered easily and recovery processes can incur additional fees.   Contact support for more information

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