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Managing Integrated Credentials - Checkster


Reference check credentials in VolunteerMatters can be either manual or integrated. Integrated reference checks are checks that are performed through our system with the aid of our 3rd party partner Checkster.

In this solution we will be highlighting the steps an administrator must take managing reference check credentials with Checkster integration enabled. If you are interested in this integration please contact sales@volunteermatters.com for more information.

After a volunteer is prompted to apply for a reference check credential via either a project need or because the credential is globally required, they will need to complete the reference check credential process.

With Checkster, the volunteer will review any instructions and sign the statement and then enter their references' contact information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and then click "Continue". The number of references required is configured with support during the initial setup of the integration.  At that juncture the volunteer's portion of the process is completed.  The credential will be set to a "Submitted" status once successfully received at Checkster. 


Once processed, Checkster will automatically email the submitted references with the link to their reference questionnaire. When the reference checks are completed, Checkster will automatically update the credential in VolunteerMatters to "Review". 

This alerts the administrator that they need to review the report generated by Checkster in VolunteerMatters and determine if the volunteer has this credential "Approved" or "Denied".

On the credential dashboard the administrator will see the "Credential Status Counts" for the various credentials.  They can then click the number under the "Review" column for the reference check credential.


This will open the volunteer credentials page with the reference check credential and the "Review" status pre-populated within the filter and the results will be all those credentials matching it. Then click on the edit button (little pencil) on the credential you wish to see the details for.


This will open the Volunteer Credential detail page which now includes an "Admin Review" button on the credential details to link the administrator to the report from Checkster to be reviewed.


Once the administrator clicks the "Admin Review" button to view the report, it will open in a new window.


After the administrator reviews the report they will determine whether or not the volunteer is eligible or ineligible for volunteering within the organization according to organization policies and procedures. If the volunteer is deemed eligible they can be updated as "Approved", and if the volunteer is deemed ineligible during review they can be updated as "Denied".

When the administrator is ready to modify the credential status, they will click the "Edit" button.


This will open up the panel and allow the administrator to change the Credential Status, Expiration Date (if the credential does not have an automatic expiration policy**), and add any Admin Notes.



When they are ready they will click the "Save" button which will return the administrator to the Volunteer Credential detail page with the updated status, expiration date, and new credential history audit entry with the administrator's name, date, notes, etc..


An administrator can always review the reference report at anytime by visiting the credential detail for the volunteer and clicking the "Report" button.


If the credential in question has an expiration policy configured, the expiration date will automatically be set based of the start date entered by the administrator and the expiration policy.  So if the credential had an start date of 10/1/1918 and there was a 24 month expiration policy the expiration date would be set to 10/1/2020.  



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