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Integrated Reference Check User Experience - Checkster


Reference check credentials in VolunteerMatters can be either manual or integrated. Integrated reference checks are checks that are performed through our system with the aid of our 3rd party partner Checkster.

In this solution we will be highlighting the steps a new volunteer takes when viewing and signing up for a volunteer opportunity that requires a reference check with a VolunteerMatters system that has integrated with Checkster.  If you are interested in this integration please contact sales@volunteermatters.com for more information.

User "Finds" a Volunteer Opportunity

The volunteer may be driven to the sign-up page when browsing the project catalog, receiving an email invitation, or clicking on a link advertised via social media. If the volunteer is new, they can click ‘Register Now’ to begin the sign-up process.



Volunteer Application - Required Information


Volunteer Application - Optional Information


System Analyzes Required Credentials

The volunteer is automatically logged into the system and is prompted to complete their credentials. The system determines which credentials are required of all volunteers and those that are required for this specific assignment. This could include a liability waiver, child abuse prevention policy, drivers license, CPR certification, lifeguard training, background check, reference check, or any other credential the organization deems necessary. They are customizable per organization and can be marked as being a requirement per volunteer need.


Volunteer Submits/Applies for Required Non-Integrated (Native) Credentials



Volunteer Submits/Applies for Required Integrated Reference Check Credential

The volunteer will review any instructions and sign the statement and then enter their references' contact information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and then click "Continue". The number of references required is configured with support during the initial setup of the integration. 

After submitting the information below, the volunteer's work for the reference check is completed.  The information is then automatically submitted to Checkster for processing.  Once processed, Checkster will automatically email the submitted references with the link to their reference questionnaire. When the reference checks are completed, Checkster will automatically update the credential in VolunteerMatters to "Review".  This alerts the administrator that they need to review the report generated by Checkster and determine if the volunteer has this credential "Approved" or "Denied". 

*Note: After the native credentials, the process will step through all of the integrated credentials one by one.  This can include reference checks, background checks, and integrated trainings.  In this solution we are only showing the integrated reference check.


Complete Sign-up

After submitting their reference check credential (and any other integrated credentials needed), the volunteer is brought back to the project need automatically signed up for it.  The credential will be in process and it will show on the need that it must be approved/exempted prior to the assignment.  With an integrated reference check credential with Checkster, the volunteer is done.  The credential will be updated (approved or denied) manually by an administrator based off the report generated from the results of the check and then may need to follow up with the volunteer and manually adjust the assignment as needed. Click here for admin management.

NOTE: If any of the credentials required on the need are "Strict" and require administrator or system intervention they will not be automatically signed up for the need at this time. They must come back when credential is approved or exempted and then sign up for the need.




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