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Show Current Assignees (Contact Details)


The "Show Current Assignees" and the "Show Current Assignee Contact Detail" configuration settings on the project settings displays, to logged in volunteers, the current assignees on a project assignment and if configured, the assignee's contact information (email and mobile telephone).  These can be viewed during sign-up or when returning to their assignment. Assignees and Contact Details are visible to all logged in volunteers. 

Show Current Assignees – This feature displays the list of current volunteers signed up for the assignment when a volunteer goes to the need detail from the project page as well as their assignment page. It will display the volunteers first name and last initial as well as their profile photo (if one exists). If this setting is disabled, the current volunteers on the assignment will not be displayed. 

Show Current Assignee Contact Detail – This feature is used in conjunction with the "Show Current Assignees" setting above where the volunteer will see a list of volunteers already assigned to the project need. When this setting is enabled they will not only see the volunteer's first name and last initial and photo (if one exists) but their email and mobile number. If this setting is disabled, the current volunteers on the assignment will not have their contact information displayed.  

Volunteer Experience

The picture below show the volunteer view when logged in and on a project need detail signup page. The "Current Assignees" box displays those volunteers already assigned and their comments/contact details (if configured):


After sign-up, if a volunteer needs to review those current assignees (and their information) for an assignment, they can access their assignments via either the Volunteer Dashboard (main page) or from the My Profile page. 

From either they just need to click the icon for the assignment in question under the "My Assignments" window:


There they will see the details of the assignment along with themselves and the rest of the volunteers assigned and their comments/contact details (if configured). 


If "Show Current Assignee Contact Detail" is disabled in the project settings it will just show the assignees' profile photo and first name and last initial. 



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    Jessica Goldberg

    Thanks for adding access to this feature for regular volunteer users. It adds another great way to build community among volunteers, and saves our staff a lot of time. This is why we chose Volunteer Matters!

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