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Zapier: Getting Started in VolunteerMatters


Zapier (rhymes with "happier") empowers you to connect VolunteerMatters with the other apps you use to run your business. Zapier thinks about software integrations in terms of Triggers and Actions. Activity in one app triggers a resulting action in another app, without you needing to do much work (when compared to traditional direct integrations). Connecting two apps together is called a Zap. Zapier lives in the middle, monitoring your triggers, and initiating actions in whatever workflow you establish. VolunteerMatters includes documentation (linked below) and support in the use of our Zapier Triggers and Actions.


VolunteerMatters Triggers (Sent upon an event in VolunteerMatters):

  • New Contact (created by an administrator or via the volunteer registration form)
  • Contact Update 
  • New Assignment
  • Assignment Update (including attendance, credited hours updates, volunteer comments, etc.)
  • Assignment Deletion
  • Self-Reported Volunteer Hours Addition
  • Self-Reported Volunteer Hours Deletion
  • Project Creation
  • Project Update

VolunteerMatters Actions (Data added to VolunteerMatters from another app's trigger):

  • Self-Reported Hours Add

To achieve an integration, this requires a separate subscription with the 3rd party service to which you would like to integrate with VolunteerMatters AND a separate subscription to Zapier.   If you do not already have your VolunteerMatters system configured for Zapier, or do not know, live chat with us now from your VolunteerMatters portal or submit a support ticket via email and we can make sure you are ready to go! 



Click here for a PDF that documents sample Zapier Payloads from VolunteerMatters Triggers.

Click here for a PDF that on what is needed for the VolunteerMatters Actions.


Adding VolunteerMatters to your Zapier account

Once your Zapier account is ready, you must add VolunteerMatters to your Zapier account via a special invitation link, found here.

Note: At this time, you will not be able to find VolunteerMatters from Zapier's app directory. The only way to get the two connected is the above link.

Copy and paste this invite-only link into the same browser window where you're already logged into your Zapier account. You will see an invitation page. Press Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard to add the latest VolunteerMatters Zap to your Zapier account.



Before using Zapier, it's important to note that while Zapier does currently offer a free plan, you will be limited by the number of tasks you can execute per month. Additionally, zaps will only run every 15 minutes. If you want them run more often, you can manually run a zap or upgrade to a paid version.

With any integration, there is configuration and setup within VolunteerMatters (included in our setup), within the 3rd party app (not included in our setup) and within your Zapier account (not included in our setup). VolunteerMatters can provide the services to configure and setup Zapier and your 3rd party service at an hourly rate. Please request an estimate if you are interested.


Still have questions?

Feel free to live chat with us now from your VolunteerMatters portal or submit a support ticket via email.


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