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Manage Custom Fields


Within your VolunteerMatters portal, an administrator with the "Configuration" administrative role can edit existing contact fields.*  You are able to edit the field label, whether or not it is active, and for choose from a list type fields, you can modify the choices available for the field. Help text on fields is configured on the various contact views

*NOTE: There are a number of built-in system fields that cannot be managed by an admin.  Examples are Name, Birthdate, Mobile, Organization, etc.).

Depending on your subscription, you can request additional custom fields from VolunteerMatters support by filling out and submitting either of the spreadsheets linked below in a support ticket.

With a Growing subscription you can request any number of additional free-text fields, while with a Professional subscription and above, you can request fields in the following types:

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Choose One from a List
  • Choose Multiple from a list
  • Whole Number
  • Decimal Number
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Date

With a Growing subscription you can only manage your custom fields.  There are five built-in by default and any additional requested.  With a Professional subscription and above you can manage all but the built-in system fields.

If you have additional questions please live chat with us now or submit a support ticket.


Managing Existing Fields


  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system with the proper security access roles and then click on Configuration > Database.


  2. On the Contact Database Configuration page, click the "Manage Custom Fields" button (Button_Manage_Custom_Fields.png).


  3. This will open the "Contact Field Definitions" Configuration page. You will see the various Contact Fields in your system.  The display features four column headings: Key, Label, Type, Active.  You can sort the list of fields using these headings as needed.  The "Search Box" also provides a quick and easy way to filter the records available in the onscreen list. 


  4. Locate the contact field you wish to edit and click on the "Edit" button (Projects_Needs_Edit_Button.png).


  5. This will open the "Contact Field" Configuration page.  Depending on the field type you may have different options available to you.  All field types will have the "Label" field and "Activate" toggle, but only "Choose One from a List (SelectOne)" and "Choose Multiple from a list (SelectMany)" allow you to customize the choices on the field.


    Label: As presented to the user. Avoid using the label as help text. Help text can be added separately to volunteer forms via the contact views. 

    Activate: Activating a field will make it available for use in views, forms, and lists. Note: deactivating a field will not necessarily remove it from current views.

    Choices: Choices for select-one or select-multiple fields. Choices are separated by a bar | (i.e. "US mail|Email|US Mail and Email|not at all") The "|" key is just above the Enter key on your keyboard. You must hold down the shift key.  If you modify a choice, any contacts who have that choice will only have that original choice until someone edits their contact record or they edit their my profile page and saves.  Then the original choice will be lost as it needs to match one of the existing choices to remain. 


  6. After you have made your necessary changes, click the "Save" button (Button_Save.png) and you will be returned to the "Contact Field Definitions" Configuration page.
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