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All the training and support you need to take full advantage of your volunteer management system.

It's Time to Accomplish More Without Increasing Your Workload.

Training Certification Courses




In addition to our training courses we also offer our Extraordinary Volunteer Program (EVP) coaching call series to anyone who wishes to participate! 

One-time Course


NOTE: For the 3 certification courses and the EVP course, you just need to click "Enroll for free" and then register to take it. If you do not know the "Total # of volunteers you've engaged over the last 12 mos: (required)" question, just enter N/A or guess. :) 


Here a few quick videos to get you up to speed quickly in the VolunteerMatters platform.  Each video is between 1 and 4 minutes long - a total of just 16 minutes.  We suggest you watch them in order and follow along within the product.  It only takes 16 minutes but boy does it pack a punch!

Quick Start Videos


As well as our Guide To Extraordinary Volunteerism course that is not specific to or dependent on using the VolunteerMatters software portal but instead focuses on principles for any volunteer organization.

Guide To Extraordinary Volunteerism

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