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Contact General Notes


VolunteerMatters allows an administrator to create and send notes via email to specific subsets of the contact database.

Creating a New General Note

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters system and navigate to the Contacts list.

  2. Click on the "Send a Note" button and select "General Note" from the drop-down items.


  3. This will open the "Send a Note" page with the General Note template. 


    Which includes the following elements:

    (1) Volunteer Recipients
    (2) Note Subject
    (3) Special Message
    (4) Send Me Email Results
    (5) Note Preview

  4. Click on "Choose Volunteers" to open the contact chooser to select contacts already in the system. You can use the contact chooser to select up to 500 volunteers per general note.**

    To learn more about searching and selecting contacts via the chooser and List Views, please reference the articles "Working with the contact chooser" and "Managing Contacts List Views".  After selecting the proper contact records from the contact chooser you will see that the list of selected contacts now appears in the "Volunteer Recipients" box.

  5. If you would like to add an additional custom subject to the note, you can enter it in the "Note Subject" box and click "Update Preview" button (Update_Preview_Button.png).   This will update the "Note Preview" on the right with your custom subject.


  6. You can then enter your note details in the "Special Message" box and click "Update Preview" button (Update_Preview_Button.png).   This will update the "Note Preview" on the right with your custom message.


    PLEASE NOTE: This content of a general note is only plain text. There is no formatting past carriage returns and automatic hyperlinking of full URLs. 

  7. You can then choose not to send yourself the email results by unchecking the "Send Me Email Results" checkbox.  It is checked by default so you it is only necessary to worry about if you do not want the results. 


    The email results will include those emails that were queued for delivery along with those who we were unable to send the invitation to. 

  8. When you are satisfied with your Project invitation you can click the "Send" button ().

**It’s important to note that if you "check all" or "clear all" while in the chooser, it will only act on the records view-able in the list, not on all of the records that may have resulted from a search. For example, if your "Items" were set to 25, it would act on the 25 records displayed. If "Items" were set to 500, it would act on the 500 records displayed. The "Items" setting is at the top-middle of the chooser.

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