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Understanding the Project Dashboard


Each project in VolunteerMatters includes a "Project Dashboard" to provide a high level view of project analytics and data for administrators and organizers.

To access the project dashboard for a specific project, log into VolunteerMatters with administrator or organizer access, click on "Projects" in the left-hand side menu.  Then click on the "Dashboard" button (Project_dashboard_Image_Button.jpg) next to the project you wish to review.  Note: an organizer must be assigned to a project to be able to view and manage it. 


The Project Dashboard is also the default page for the "project" if you click on the project name link.

On the "Project Dashboard" the available summary information panels are:

  • Project Details - This main panel includes the project information: Name, Description, Branch/Site, Published Mode, Publish Dates, Address, Geolocation testing button (if enabled), and Project Catalog URL.

  • Project Impact - This panel includes the project's impact metrics.  These include the system populated metrics (Volunteers, Completed Assignments, and Hours) as well as any project impact metrics added via the project setup by an organizer or administrator.

  • Project Staffing (Next 30 Days) - This panel displays staffing levels across the different position types over the next 30 days. The "Staffing" buttons will take the administrator or organizer to the assignments list with an automatically created "Search" filter matching the button selected.  These are there "tags" on project need assignments to make it easier on the administrator or organizer to see at a glance the status of their needs assignments. 

    • Fully Staffed - The number of assignees on the need is equal to or above the "Maximum Required" number of volunteers configured on the need.
    • Minimally Staffed - The number of assignees on the need is equal to or above the "Minimum Required" number of volunteers but below the "Maximum Required" number of volunteers configured on the need.
    • Under Staffed- The number of assignees on the need is less than the "Minimum Required" number of volunteers configured on the need.

  • Needs With Invalid Credentials - The panel appears whenever there are assignees who have yet to obtain the credentials necessary for the need to which they are assigned (A.K.A. Credential Conflicts).  See special highlight below.

  • Recent Assignments (Past 7 Days) - The panel includes a list of all recent assignments (whether self or manually assigned) over the past 7 days.  This list includes the date assigned, the need type, the need name (which links to the assignment page), the need start date, and the volunteer name. 

  • Email Notification - If you are an organizer assigned to the project you will see this configuration setting to set your project organizer email frequency. 


Special Highlight: Needs with Invalid Credentials (A.K.A. Credential Conflicts)


Credential conflicts occur when a volunteer has yet to attain the credentials required for their upcoming assignment. The project dashboard displays the above panel whenever one or more conflicts exist for the project.  If conflicts exist, a Project Organizer is typically the primary liaison between the volunteer and Credential Administrator to resolve credential conflicts. Credential conflicts should be resolved prior to the volunteer performing any work on the assignment.  The volunteer may have not met the credential requirements because they never started the credential application (missing), the volunteer hasn't completed the application for the credential (incomplete), the credential they once had has since expired (expired), the volunteer had applied for and been denied (denied), or they have applied for the credential but it's still in progress (submitted or review).

Click the assignment counts to see the project assignments 

Click the credential conflicts button (Screen_Shot_2018-10-26_at_7.11.57_PM.png) to see a list of all assignees with conflicts along with the status of each.  For more detail, see Credential Conflicts List - Per Project



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