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Automated Emails in VolunteerMatters


Within VolunteerMatters there are a number of automated emails sent via the system.  They are sent during registration and before and after assignments.   There are also automated administrator and project organizer email notifications but we will be focusing in this solution on the automated volunteer emails.

The emails are as follows:

  1. Registration Confirmation
    Type: Registration
    Subject: Thank you for registering!
    When: This email is sent after a volunteer self-registers in the system. 

  2. Registration Invitation
    Type: Registration
    Subject: Please register with us!
    When: This email is sent when a volunteer has a contact record in the system but not a site user record (system access) and enters their email in the registration form and the system recognizes them as a contact record and asks them to click the link to send a verification email which includes a customized registration url with the information from their contact record.   This only occurs if the contact was created manually by an administrator or imported by support

  3. Assignment Confirmation
    Type: Assignment
    Subject: Assignment Confirmation. Thank you for volunteering!
    When: This email is sent when the volunteer self-signs up for a project need from the project catalog. 

  4. Withdrawal Confirmation
    Type: Withdrawal
    Subject: Assignment Withdrawal Confirmation
    When: This email is sent when the volunteer withdraws themselves from a project need assignment.

  5. Assignment Reminder
    Type: Reminder
    Subject: Volunteer Assignment Reminder
    When: This email is sent from the system at a preconfigured interval prior to the volunteer's shift, item, or task starting.  It includes the need information and any credential conflicts remaining.  

  6. Assignment Thank You
    Type: Thank You
    Subject: Thank you for making a difference!
    When: This email is sent after the need is completed.  This will thank the volunteer and depending on the type of need will include information and a link back to the portal for the feedback survey.


Click here to view and/or download the email template document for the default email template language


These can be updated by support depending on your subscription level. If you have any questions about your subscription level, please live chat with us now from your VolunteerMatters portal or submit a support ticket via email.

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